Its Characteristics

Porphyry is a natural stone the beauty of which derives from its multiple colours. The colour descriptions indicated above identify the gradations of the main tone, but porphyry’s colouring is always a mixture of colours.
Porphyry’s features can be summarised as follows
  • High abrasion resistance, which provides for an anti-skid surface even in the presence of water;
  • High resistance to wear, that prevents the product from ageing;
  • Very regular natural surface, that makes it comfortable and pleasant underfoot and that maintains its natural colouring over time;
  • Low absorption of water and of other substances, which means high resistance to frost and to other elements that could modify its physical and mechanical properties;
  • Irrelevant maintenance costs over the medium/long-term.
Thanks to its hardness, porphyry does not require any chemical or mechanical treatment for preserving these characteristics over time. Porphyry rock has formed in vertical strata of varying thickness, and can also be found in a lenticular shape.